Christian Kaulich

Christian Kaulich

Mobile Money – Facebook Advertising


While Facebook's IPO is getting annoying for every investor, Facebook is powering up one of its most important features: Mobile. Currently the only way to advertise in the app is via sponsored stories which were introduced a couple of months ago. I found a nice infographic which displays the importance of Facebook's mobile business sector and shows some interesting facts about its usage and monetarization.

Here are the most interesting facts in this infographic:

  • Facebook has earned $9,51 per active user in advertising revenue
  • The mobile usage of facebook via smartphone and tablet has overtaken the desktop usage. An average amount of 13 hours and 52 minutes was spend of Facebook at all. 7 hours and 21 minutes of this time were spend with a smartphone or tablet
  • Facebook Mobile Ads get clicked twice as much as the desktop ads do. (Note: I found another score on Techcrunch which says, that the mobile CTR on facebook is 13 times better than the desktop CTR)
  • Budgets spend on mobile advertising campaigns will grow at prospective 80% in 2012


(Read more to view the complete infographic)

Christian Kaulich Facebook Ads Infographic