Christian Kaulich

Christian Kaulich

The Next Step Of Facebook Mobile Ads: Sponsored Apps

Sponsored App found on Techcrunch

Sponsored apps, this is the next big step in Facebook's mobile strategy. In times where users spend more time on the app than on it's desktop pendant it is an essential move for Facebook to monetize mobile.

The new feature is currently in closed beta and a few handpicked developers got invited. Mobile app devs are the main target group on the B2B side of this advertising product and it could hit a sensitive spot. App marketing - on Android and iOS - is currently lacking advertising opportunities and Facebook could serve this particular feature in it's mobile app. Maximizing reach, awareness and installations of a specific defined target group is still an untouched market and definitely an interesting feature for mobile app (and especially game) developers.

A click on one of the sponsored apps is currently directly linked to the native app ecosystem, Google Play on Android and the App Store on iOS. It is just a matter of time when the sponsored app will be linked with the future mobile version of Facebook's App Center which was launched in June 2012.

(via Techcrunch)